1. Do I have to register?

    A registry is not obligatory. In the member area you can write, change or delete your press release.

  2. Who can publish press releases?

    In general the service is provided for public relations agencies and small and medium sized companies.

  3. What does the service cost?

    In general the publishing of your press release is for free/ with costs. The date of order is relevant for the current price of the service. The number of press releases that can be published for free is limited to one press release per month. Two or more press releases that are published are with costs.

  4. Why should I use PresseEcho.de?

    PresseEcho.de is one of the leading websites publishing press releases. Because of the good ranking in google’s search results your press release is found quickly. A lot of journalists, who are looking for news, use PresseEcho.de. You can publish as many press releases as you want and having a company profile on top.

  5. How many press releases can I publish?

    You can publish one press release for free. If you choose to pay for the service you can publish as many press releases as you want.

  6. Can I change press releases that are already published?

    Yes, you can change press releases that are already published.

  7. How can I delete a press release?

    Being logged into your account you can delete the press release.