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UN: Uzbekistan attaches great significance to the development of youth

Botschaft Usbekistan, 26. April 2016

An informational material about the attention paid in our country to the development of young people has been disseminated at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as an official document of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.

The material, which was widely publicized in the six official languages of the Organization, noted that the distinctive feature of fundamental reforms policy implementing in the country since the first days of independence, aimed at building a prosperous democratic state and society, is its clear social orientation.

"Today, more than 60 percent of Uzbekistan's population is young people. Therefore, a key priority of all the positive changes in the country has become a concern for the upbringing of harmoniously developed young generation. Solid legal foundation in this sphere is the provisions of the Constitution. An important step in this direction was the adoption of the Law "On the basis of state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan" on 20 November 1991, which raised the issue on the attention of the younger generation in the country to the level of state policy", - the document says.

In addition, it is noted that National program for cadres training is successfully operating in Uzbekistan, which has no analogues in the world on its importance and scale by the opinion of international experts.

Presidential Decree "On additional measures directed to the implementation of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan" dated February 6, 2014 was a logical continuation of conducted gradual reforms in the years of independence and has been marked as the beginning of a new phase of work.

In addition, it is reported that a special state program has been developed annually in Uzbekistan under the proclamation of the social direction of the current year. Particularly, 2008 was declared the Year of Youth, 2010 - Year of harmoniously developed generation, 2014 - Year of a healthy child, and the current 2016 - Year of a healthy mother and child. "This fact testifies to the colossal activities undertaken towards creating a brighter future for the younger generation. The scale and depth of the endeavors carried out in Uzbekistan is evidenced by the fact that more than 7 trillion soums has been allocated for the realization of the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child", - the document says.

It is also noted that our country took the highest worldwide recognition for the national model of continuous education and upbringing of harmoniously developed young generation. State educational standards, curricula and textbooks meeting the requirements of time have been developed and introduced taking into account international experience for all stages of education. Advanced educational technology and interactive teaching methods are widely used.

During the years of independence a new type of education - the professional colleges and academic lyceums has been created which has no analogues in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. This work allowed forming a unique unified system of lifelong learning-research education oriented in the training of highly qualified, competitive specialists for all branches of economy and social sphere, providing spiritual and moral education, and comprehensive creative development of young people.

However, the document states that thousands of new jobs are created every year in the country, including through the development of small business and private entrepreneurship which are increasingly involved youth. Only last year in Uzbekistan 990 400 jobs were created and more than 90 percent of young professionals have been employed. The high productivity of work in this area also provides an expanding social partnership between public authorities and management bodies and public entities, including the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, Public Youth Movement "Kamolot", Public Charity Fund "Mahalla", the International Non-Governmental Charitable Foundation "Sog’lom avlod uchun", Presidential Foundation of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Istedod" and others.

It was also indicated in the material that the large-scale work on the development of children's sport helps young generation to upbring physically healthy and spiritually mature personalities. "In particular, if in 2005 30 percent of children and adolescents including in rural areas - 29 percent aged 6 to 15 years went in for sports in Uzbekistan, in 2015 these figures reached 57.2 percent and 56 percent respectively. Through the development of this sphere in Uzbekistan and fixing healthy lifestyles athletes achieve great success in the international arenas"- said in the document.

Separately, it emphasizes that the country also attaches great attention to supporting young families. In accordance with the Presidential Decree "On additional measures to materially and morally support young families" they were provided long-term easy home credits. Over the past two years, 57 high-rise buildings of "Kamolot" for 2080 apartments have been built and handed over to young families, thousands of young boys and girls are given preferential mortgage and consumer loans.

"In general, - says the document - such a complex, multi-faceted support is provided to all young people in Uzbekistan". In addition, it was also quoted the words of our President on that young people - not only the hope and future of the state, but also - the decisive force of today and tomorrow.

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