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And New Clinics Will Spring Up

Botschaft Usbekistan, October 17, 2016

The Ministry of Health is working on setting up new clinics aimed at the improvement of medical assistance to families and children.

The municipalities plan, in the first place, to expand the network of family out-patient hospitals. There are 260 establishments of this type operating currently in the country; all of them have been set up on the basis of former municipal polyclinics. The activities of these new type establishments are built up on the general practitioners’ principles when the population residing within a fixed territory is serviced by a general practitioner and his/her patronage nurses.

Large-scale work on the prevention and early detection of diseases rests on the family out-patient hospitals. Monthly health improvement weeks have been conducted to this end in recent years. Much attention is paid to protection of maternal and child health and promotion of healthy lifestyles among the population.

Practice has it that many family polyclinics are overloaded. Therefore, new medical facilities will be established in the cities and towns, where the contingent of the serviced population exceeds 30,000 citizens.

It has also been planned to set up one children’s dental polyclinic in each region of the country for the purpose of improving the quality of services for children. Children need special clinics not only because of the special qualifications of dentists, but also for providing free assistance guaranteed by the state. Today dental services are in fact provided primarily by private clinics while the government clinics shift to fully self-financing operation mode.

Concrete proposals on setting up new out-patient hospitals will be elaborated by a special working group in the third quarter of 2017. The final decision on the establishment of new clinics will be taken by the country’s Cabinet of Ministers.

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