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Bukhara to host "Silk and spices" festival

Botschaft Usbekistan, April 27, 2016

Bukhara on 26-28 May will host the festival "Silk and spices". These days the city will give an unforgettable holiday for lovers of Eastern culture and those who wish to experience the amazing historical heritage of the city, the originality and the features of its applied art, national customs and traditions.

Over the years, this unique festival has been organized with the aim of preserving and promoting national cultural heritage.

Natural silk, gold embroidery, ceramics, miniatures, wood carving, amazing world of culture and traditions of the East will not leave anyone indifferent. Ancient architectural buildings of Bukhara, its streets and national houses, and most importantly, the unique atmosphere of this ancient city will add a special oriental flavor to the event.

For tourists this is a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of Uzbek distinctive traditions, try the national cuisine, to see the art of local artisans who come to the feast from all parts of Uzbekistan.

In addition, in the framework of the festival it is planned to hold international scientific-practical conference on the theme "Attracting foreign investments, new technologies and innovations in Bukhara – as a factor in the development of the tourism industry and its service infrastructure, as well as the preservation and use of world recognized cultural heritage".

Bukhara is not accidentally chosen to host the festival. This city for many years has been an important center of trade for silk, spices and other goods along the Great Silk Road. The city has long been famous for its copper-chased manufacturing, jewelry, art, cotton fabrics, silk and velvet, gold embroidery art and a great assortment of products of artistic value.

Today, the historic center of Bukhara with its numerous historical and architectural monuments is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO and is under the protection of the international community.

Source: "UzReport"
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