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Cyprus’ CySEC Grants Shanda Consult Administrative Service Provider Licence

Shanda Consult Ltd., April 20, 2015

Fiduciary and Administrative Service Provider Shanda Consult obtained in March 2015 its ASP Licence (Administrative Service Provider Licence) from CySEC, confirming Shanda Consult’s competence and compliance with respective EU Directives.

Based in Cyprus, Shanda Consult provides professional business and tax consultancy, tax structuring advisory services, company formation and administration services as well as fiduciary services and bookkeeping services since more than 6 years. Owned and managed by Mr Stefan Nolte, a senior in the industry with more than 15 years of management experience in the financial and fiduciary industry, and by Mrs Stavriana Antoniou, an experienced solicitor specialised in fiduciary services.

The ASP License granted by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) not only enables Shanda Consult to provide its services EU-wide without the need for additional national licenses, but also proofs Shanda Consult’s strict compliance with recent professional provisions introduced by the EU, OECD and other institutions.

Shanda Consult is specialised in providing and implementing solutions for tax planning and tax optimisation, including services such as company formation and company administration in Cyprus, Malta, Hong Kong and other jurisdictions. Shanda Consult particularly focuses on legally resilient tax solutions in line with the respective legal provisions of the clients’ home countries, including the provision and maintenance of substance for client companies.

Cyprus remains much in demand as the preferred, tax-friendly jurisdiction for companies within the EU. The strict and full implementation of all respective EU provisions, combined with wisely shaped tax legislation and business-friendly procedures, Cyprus continues attracting an increasing number of business men and corporations from EU countries and non EU countries.

Clients of Shanda Consult enjoy professional tax consultancy and personalised services since many years. Clients particularly appreciate the custom-made, resilient tax solutions Shanda Consult provides and the pro-active approach of services.

“Be it a new prospective client or a years-old client of our firm, we at Shanda Consult always focus on assisting our clients in accordance with the tax legislation of their own countries, instead of only praising the advantages of tax-friendly jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Malta, Hong Kong or others. Adding the creation and maintenance of substance to our clients’ companies, we ensure that our clients reduce their general tax burden in a save and legal way”, says Stefan Nolte, managing director of Shanda Consult.

The granting of the ASP license by CySEC affirms the professionalism and seriousness as one of Cyprus’ outstanding providers for tax optimisation and fiduciary services.

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