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Deputies discussed issues of ensuring protection of environmental environment and ecological stability

Botschaft Usbekistan, December 29, 2015

In the years of independence in our country much attention is paid to the issue of prevention of environmental problems and their negative consequences. Activities aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the country, preservation of welfare and strengthening health of the population, as well as the ecosystems and natural environment, rational use and restoration of natural resources are consistently being continued.

Of course, these measures serve to expansion of opportunities of socio-economic development, in particular ecological sustainability, strengthening health of the population, introduction of modern and clean technologies.

Empowerment of NGOs, public structures and civil society institutions is especially important in the process of addressing relevant issues of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources that create more opportunities of ensuring consistency of reforms. Important role in this direction is carried out by the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.

Currently, a strong legal basis for regulating relations in this sphere is created. It is more than 30 laws, including the laws “On environmental protection”, “On water and water use”, “On air protection”, “On protection and use of flora”, “On protection and use of fauna”, “On waste”, “On ecological expertise”, “On ecological control” and others. These legal acts are aimed at addressing such important social issues as environmental protection, strengthening health of the population, effective use of natural resources, as well as ensuring ecological balance.

Parliament of the country pays special attention to the issue of protection of ecology and environment. Deputies of the lower house of parliament are studying the execution of normative-legal acts in this sphere on a regular basis and within the framework of control and analytical work.

So, in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the initiative of the deputy group of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, information of the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Nature Protection on implementation of measures for the development of legislation and normative-methodical basis in the field of environmental protection and environmental management, environmental education and education for sustainable development was heard.

It was noted that the State Committee for Nature Protection has carried out a number of activities on implementation of legislation in this sphere during this period, as well as activities within the framework of the Program of Action of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Environment Protection for 2013 -2017 approved by the Government of May 27, 2013. In particular, for the effective implementation of the Law “On ecological control”, a series of regulations, including the “Regulations on implementation of the state ecological control”, “Model regulations on environmental service”, “Model regulation on public inspector of environmental control”, “Model regulations on the procedure of public environmental control” were developed and approved in the prescribed manner. It creates necessary conditions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement practice in this sphere, timely and full implementation of measures outlined in the program.

During the meeting, deputies emphasized attention of the chairman of the State Committee for Nature Protection on issues of improving professional skills of employees of the system and ecological services of organizations, developers of normative-technical documents, development of the system of environmental education, promotion of ecological knowledge and raising awareness of the population, as well as improving the ecological knowledge of the population and involvement in the process of environmental protection.

At the same time, it was particularly noted that factions of political parties are paying particular attention to the issues of protection of environment in control and analytical activities of committees of the Legislative Chamber, which contributes to the improvement of normative-legal documents in this sphere and the adoption of additional measures on improving efficiency of their law enforcement practice.

The Legislative Chamber adopted a resolution on this issue, where appropriate recommendations are given.

Source: Information Service of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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