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FAO's regional training in Tashkent

Botschaft Usbekistan, April 3, 2019

FAO in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted a regional training in Tashkent. Issues of strengthening agricultural extension and advisory services were discussed.

The event was attended by representatives from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

FAO Agriculture Officer Hafiz Muminjanov noted that for the sake of survival and food, a person mercilessly destroys everything around him and sometimes does not notice this. We kill animals, we cut down forests. If this mercilessness continues, then we will certainly destroy the Earth. The worst thing is, if we do not introduce new technologies in the agricultural sector, we will not be able to grow food products at the level of people’s demand with outdated methods. And therefore, it is necessary to take care of nature and increase the volume of growing products on existing land with the use of modern technologies.

Plants, animals and forests disappear on Earth ... The reason for this is human activity. I compare this process with the distribution of the family budget. For example, parents approach the issue of nutrition of their children on the basis of available funds. Someone eats meat every day, someone eats two or three times a week, and some only once a week. If to exceed certain standards, discrepancy occurs between needs and capabilities.

An example of this is the Aral Sea crisis. Expanding the sown area, exploring the land, we spent the water flowing into the Aral Sea, to irrigate the sown fields. This led to the Aral crisis. Indeed, the Caspian and Aral seas formed millions of years ago still exist, but they dry up. This should be a lesson for us.

In this regard, through the implementation of a project on development of a system for disseminating knowledge among farmers in Central Asia, measures are being taken to improve the skills and knowledge of people who grow crops. Many farmers have insufficient knowledge and experience in agriculture, and their ability to obtain information and use consulting services is very limited.

Not all knowledge extension specialists have an agricultural education degree. In addition, some of them have little experience working with farmers, and most of them have previously worked as teachers in schools or technical workers. Therefore, in order to increase the technical potential of the sphere and expand the knowledge of specialists and farmers in the field of cultivation of modern crops, the project is supported by public and private services.


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