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Great Discovery

Botschaft Usbekistan, December 29, 2015

The eagerly-awaited event in the cultural life of the capital city and that of the entire country took place last weekend – the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater opened its doors following its overhaul. The 86th theatrical season kicked off with a concert program.

Each detail of the interior design attracts the attention of a viewer, be it splendid chandeliers or magnificent murals by painter Chingiz Akhmarov created on the motifs of Alisher Navoi’s poems. Mirrors, cozy furniture… There is no doubt that the civil engineers tried hard to preserve architect Alexey Schusev’s initial idea by restoring only some elements.

Before the beginning of the concert the spectators admired the drop-curtain manually embroidered by Bukhara masters in the “Shakarak duzi” style.

“Stucco molding in the hall is covered with gold leaf,” says chief engineer Kabul Sabirjanov. “We have installed Spanish chairs made specifically with consideration of recommendations made by Russian professor Michail Lane. He had examined the hall and the stage to define the exact conditions for improving the acoustics. Equipment for visual and acoustic special effects has been fully automated. Now, several decorations may be dropped simultaneously and light can be operated with the help of a computer.

“We have also installed video-editing and recording equipment, presented by the Japanese Government. Even choir or orchestra performances may be recorded in our new theatrical studio. Six new traps can serve to materialize producers’ most incredible ideas. For example, Mephistopheles may be lifted up straight from under the stage. If required the orchestra pit may be raised up to the level of the stage. There are numerous changes also in that part of the building, which the audience does not see as a rule. Each make-up room has a shower booth, the orchestra received a rehearsal room, and everything is ready for a museum, which is going to be opened soon.”

The theatrical group presented all the brilliance of masterpieces of the world and Uzbek art, and the spectators were able to meet their long-awaited opera and ballet artists.

“All staff members of the theater have taken part in the preparation for the opening of the season,” says producer, Merited Art worker Andrey Slonim. “We have presented opera, ballet and a traditional genre – maqom, which our art had started from, in the form of a theatrical show through superseding different genres. Within feasible future we will be able to please our spectators with the first night of the opera “Sadoqat” (Devotion) by the Uzbek composer Rustam Abdullayev. The characters of Khamid Olimjon, Zulfiya, Oybek and others will appear it for the first time. We have been also working on a New Year fairytale for young spectators. And most importantly, we have plans to revive the theater’s rich repertoire – about 30 opera and 25 ballet performances. Opening of a season is an exciting moment both for spectators and for us. It means the start of the theater’s new life…”

Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper

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