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Huawei implements "Safe tourism" pilot project in Bukhara

Botschaft Usbekistan, July 7, 2018

Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent with the support of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourism development initiates a pilot project "Safe tourism" in Bukhara. During the trip to the ancient city of the country, which is also considered one of the centers of tourism development, the leading managers of the company met with the leadership of the Department of Internal Affairs of the region, Deputy khokim of Bukhara region and representatives of the Committee for tourism development.

During the negotiations, CEO of Huawei Mr. Wang Peng noted that Bukhara has been drawing the attention of tourists from all over the world since ancient times, this region has a special flavor that attracts visitors and leave the most positive memories, as well as about the city and about the country.

"Bukhara is a historical, ancient and richest city, it unites more than 100 historical sites. Tourists come from all over the world to see the fairy-tale city. What is important for tourists is a sense of security and trust. Therefore, we decided to make a gift to the city and within the project "Safe tourism" to give the tourist police of Bukhara the latest terminals, smart video cameras with face-recognition function and base stations operating on the LTE band. The implementation of this project will help representatives of public security to effectively manage the city and its resources, as well as to monitor the public safety of tourists. If tourists know that Bukhara is the safest city in the region, their flow will increase significantly, which will help both the region and the country to develop infrastructure and the economy as a whole," said Wang Peng, CEO of Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent.

The "Safe tourism" project is a part of the "Safe city" concept and combines a set of solutions, such as the creation of a convergent command center, a unified LTE communication network, data center, high definition video cameras and the function of identification of persons, colors of cars and numbers, as well as the ability to analyze big data.

Huawei has extensive experience in integrating and implementing projects within the "Safe city" and" Safe tourism" concept. Successful projects were implemented in particular in Kenya, Nairobi, Pakistan, Lahore city, the unified call center system in Saudi Arabia, the "Safe traffic" project in Dushanbe and others.

The "Safe tourism" project in the city of Dun Huang, Gansu province, China is of particular importance. The project aims at ensuring the safety of tourists, improving the process of their movement, ensuring the safety of historical sites, improving services for tourists in the purchase of tickets through mobile applications to save their time. Every year this city is visited by more than 2 million tourists. The big data analytics platform has enabled real-time management over tourism resources, a ubiquitous Wi-Fi network has been deployed covering all attractions, catering places, shopping centers, smart cameras provided by Huawei, even in 45 degree heat can determine the status of each visitor. After the implementation of this project, the level of satisfaction of tourists exceeded 95%, the income of the city also showed an increase.

After the successful launch of the pilot project, Huawei also plans to help the city administration of Bukhara to improve other areas of public services based on the development of information and communication technologies.


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