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Internet tariffs for providers cut by 25.8% since December

Botschaft Usbekistan, April 26, 2017

Uzbektelecom announced it reduced on 21 April its internet rates for Uzbek providers to $67.85 per 1 Mb/s.

This is the tenth tariff reduction this year. The rate first dropped on 1 January to $91.07, followed by a second cut on 6 January to $87.14, a third cut on 10 January to $86.85, a fourth dip on 2 February to $86.11, a fifth cut on 16 February to $80.94, a sixth on 3 March to $76.61, a seventh reduction on 30 March to $76.48, a shaving off on 4 April to $75.80, and a drop on 6 April to $71.68.

Last year, the tariffs were reduced twelve times: from $156.24 in January to $91.50 in December.


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