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k3 mapa finishes successfully supply chain evaluation project with major German hardware store

k3 mapa, February 1, 2018

Wiesbaden, Madrid, January 8th 2016. A supply chain evaluation project with a major German home improvement store was successfully completed during the last quarter of 2015. The goal was to analyze and evaluate the current delivery process to and within the central hardware store warehouse. During the recent project summary, the logistics manager expressed his full satisfaction regarding the results of the project.

“We knew the k3 consultants have got a very strong know-how in the Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries, and as our business is a bit different we were, at the beginning, a little reluctant to engage k3. Now I must say, I am really happy we did hire k3 ! We learned a lot !” summarised the logistics manager in his final evaluation of the project.

“We have been realizing various supply chain management projects in the Automotive and Pharmaceutical industries, this was our first experience in the retailer business. While the time span from receiving goods to using them is very short in the automotive industry, this time span is for hardware stores – due to the business model - considerably longer. Therefore, the insecurity about the conditions as delivered is stronger”, explains Ulrike Sureth, business development manager with k3 mapa.

“Already in January 2015 a first pre-analysis was realized. The pre-analysis led into a bigger scale project: this was a win-win process for us to get to know the specific company culture and for the client to evaluate our consultants and the way we work”, describes Thorsten Schuppenhauer - managing director of k3 mapa – the specific k3 approach which seems to lead to a strong customer satisfaction.

In his final project summary, the logistics manager underlined his full satisfaction regarding the project: “Thanks to the project we can control more efficiently our suppliers in the future much and we will be able to charge back to our suppliers in a much more focused way”.

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