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Botschaft Usbekistan, October 4, 2016

A press conference of the NAEMM members – non-government TV and radio broadcasters and cable television, devoted to preparation for and coverage of elections of a president of Uzbekistan was held at the “Bunyodkor” youth TV club.

As is known, a bilateral agreement between the Central Electoral Commission and the National Association of electronic information mass media on covering this important socio-political event was signed on the 21st of September.

Measures are planned to be conducted within the framework this agreement, which include among others preparation of operational news and reports about the course of electoral campaign, TV and radio clips devoted to explaining the essence and significance of elections, talk shows, interviews, as well as special TV and radio programs aimed at raising the level of legal awareness of the population and activation of their civil stance.

The conference approved the NAEMM program of undertakings on covering the elections of a president of Uzbekistan.

Experts of the Central Electoral Commission held a training seminar within the framework of the conference on the subject “Legal foundations of electing a president of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Schedule of basic pre-election and election campaign undertakings”. Taking part in it were the NAEMM Board members, heads of regional TV stations and project coordinators, journalists and operators of non-government mass media. The seminar participants discussed the specifics of covering the elections by non-government mass media, received recommendations on raising the content efficiency and got acquainted with the innovations in the election legislation.

Staff members of the Public Fund in support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oloy Majlis announced a new grant contest for mass media workers on the preparation of content aimed at raising the level of journalists’ legal awareness.

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