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Paralympic team of Uzbekistan flies to Rio de Janeiro

Botschaft Usbekistan, August 31, 2016

On the morning of 30 August, the national team of Uzbekistan went to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the XV Summer Paralympics.

A flight fr om Tashkent to Istanbul, wh ere further the aircraft will go through Sao Paulo to Rio took off at 8:15 am. The athletes were seen off by relatives, coaches, representatives of the Paralympic Association of Uzbekistan and journalists. 32 athletes will compete for medals in five sports — judo, athletics, swimming, powerlifting and shooting sports.

Our athletes have good chances to win medals of the higher test. At the recent 2014 Summer Para-Asian games in South Korean Incheon, our team became 5th among the 44 Asian states, winning 22 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals.

The XV summer Paralympic games will be held from 7 to 18 September, we wish our athletes to perform well in the competitions, and at least to repeat the success of our Olympians.

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