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President reviews projects of a new shopping center and residential buildings

Botschaft Usbekistan, April 23, 2017

President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the projects of the new shopping center and multi-storey houses, which will be erected in Almazar district.

A three-storey shopping center "Eski Shahar" will be built at the intersection of Nurafshon and Farobi streets. To create additional facilities for visitors, there will be cafes, a gallery, children's playgrounds, a parking lot and other facilities.

The head of our state examined the site of the construction of this shopping center. He noted the need to open the "Book World" store and cinema to show historical films on the third floor of the center.

The President of the country stressed that the erection of such a large structure in the capital is aimed at further improving the quality of life of inhabitants of the Old City.

Responsible managers were given instructions to put this facility into operation on the eve of Navruz holiday in 2018.

The head of our state during his acquaintance with creative work and major projects in Tashkent on February 3 said that based on the needs of the population, it is planned to build affordable modern multi-storey buildings in all districts of the capital. The decree of the President of our country "On additional measures to expand the scale of the construction of affordable apartment buildings in Tashkent city for 2017-2021 " dated March 13, 2017 serves as an important guide to the systemic adjustment of work in this direction.

According to the document, a project was developed for the construction of 12 seven-storey houses at the intersection of the Small Ring Road and Karasaray Street.

The President of our country stressed the need to compile a list of families who will live in these houses, and then start their construction. At the same time, he emphasized the need to take into account families residing in the Old City who need housing.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also got acquainted with the project of a new park of culture and recreation, which will be created at the shore of Kichkirik Canal.

Particular attention was paid to necessity of turning this park into a place for festivities and recreation of the residents of the district with children taking into account the ancient traditions of Tashkent.


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