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Reportage about Labi-Hauz on Euronews

Botschaft Usbekistan, January 23, 2017

Main news channel in Europe Euronews continues to acquaintance with historical cities and tourist attractions of our country.

New TV program from the series "Postcards from Uzbekistan" introduces a global audience with oasis and architectural monument of XVI-XVII centuries Labi-Hauz located in the scenic city of Bukhara. The reportage notes that elegant architectural complex and its large artificial lake are a popular recreation destination for local people and visitors of the ancient city which protects them from the midday heat with the shadow of centuries-old plane trees.

Euronews reporter Seamus Kearney says that in ancient times the territory of Bukhara had more than 100 ponds that supplied the population with water. Construction of the complex Labi Hauz began in the XVI century. The ensemble includes a tea-house and some impressive monuments of Islamic architecture, including Kukaldosh (XVI century), khonako and Nodir Divon-Begi (XVII century).

According to the guide Dilshod Shamsidinov, all roads into the city, passing through the 11 gates lead to Labi Hauz. In the old days here in the caravanserai merchants and travelers gathered from different countries.

In turn, the correspondent of Euronews emphasizes that after hundreds of years of those times Labi-House has been reminding about teahouse, which today it is also ready to shelter and feed travelers.

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