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Rules without exceptions

Botschaft Usbekistan, January 13, 2016

A new version of traffic rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers will enter into force on March 1, 2016 in Uzbekistan. The new version of the rules has been introduced with 15 amendments. In addition, there are a number of changes. Some terms and concepts have been clarified.

In particular, the first chapter of the traffic rules "General Provisions" was introduced the term "road train" and explained the essence of the concept. According to the new traffic rules a road train is an articulated vehicle consisting of a truck tractor and semi-trailer or of a lorry and trailer (s) connected by coupling device(s).

In addition, concept "motorcycle" was expanded. Scooters, ATVs, electro-scooters with engine capacity of more than 50 cm3 or having a maximum design speed of over 50 km / h were added to this category. At the same time, listed vehicles will be registered as motorcycles, they will be granted state license numbers and drivers must have a driving license of "A" category.

As known, the safety of passengers, especially children, requires a responsible approach. Therefore, the Road Traffic Rules were introduced the term "organized carriage of a group of children".

It must be said that our country focuses on the introduction of information and communication technologies in the activities of the road patrol service State Traffic Security Service - practice of automatic detection of offenses in traffic are being widely used. Therefore, traffic rules have been introduced Informative sign "Camera and video recording". The relevance of this innovation is inextricably linked to the fact that a computerized system of road safety management was put into operation in the city of Tashkent.

Another innovation was also introduced for security reasons. As known, at night, vehicles for one reason or another, for example, due to a fault, can stop. The driver gets out to repair it. In such cases, drivers now are obliged to wear special vests with reflective elements.

Of particular relevance can be called an innovation to chapter 19 of approved traffic rules, which states that when passing the roadway, including at a pedestrian crossing, pedestrians are prohibited to use the phone, watch TV and video products, listen to the radio and audio products, read books or periodicals, as well as use other electronic distracting means.

And that's not all the changes and additions made to the new traffic rules. It should be noted that the innovations are aimed primarily at ensuring the safety of road users. Strict observance of the requirements serves to ensure the safe movement on roads, save the health and the lives of people.


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