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Survey: 48.8% of citizens positively assess activities of state bodies

Botschaft Usbekistan, July 12, 2017

Action Strategy for further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for drastic steps to reform the system of public administration and public service, while their condition should be assessed by efficiency of activity of state bodies.

This assessment, according to studies of specialists of the Center for studying public opinion "Ijtimoiy Fikr" today tends to improve. If in the first quarter of 2017, 47.1% of respondents were in favour of a positive assessment, in the second quarter this figure comprised 48.8%. Meantime, the satisfaction level with decisions of government agencies on socio-economic issues is higher in Khorezm, Bukhara, Jizzakh, Namangan, and Andijon regions, as well as in Karakalpakstan (over 50 percent of respondents). Less than 38 percent of survey participants assessed the work of state bodies as satisfactory in Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, Tashkent and Navoi regions.

Openness and transparency

Almost all respondents believe these two indicators of activity of local authorities are the most important factors of its effectiveness based on feedback between citizens and the executive authorities.

Almost half of respondents, 49.2 percent, believe that "information about activities of executive authorities are open and accessible". This figure for the last three months grew 9.5 percent. At the same time, according to every third respondent, "not all information is open and not available to all citizens".

What excites

The study identified the main groups of problems with which the citizens go to the state court. It is an economic level of wages, prices and tariffs for communal services, consumer goods, employment, social — housing, health activities and education, family conflict, social infrastructure and communal services, ecology, transport, law and order — human rights, corruption.

The survey showed a reduction in the severity and relevance of many of them. The success of the activities of government agencies respondents are seen in timely identifying and meeting the real needs of social groups of people, strengthening of interagency cooperation.

85.8 percent of respondents noted positive changes in the field of entrepreneurship, pointing out that their region, city or neighborhood has created favorable conditions for the opening and development of own business.

Every second respondents said that "cold water provision is stable". 46.6 percent of respondents said that wastes at their places of residence are taken regularly and without interruption. 41.5 percent said the lack of problems with the supply of natural gas. Every third satisfied with the supply of hot water or electricity. At the same time, almost 70 percent of respondents noted the lack of access to central heating, each of the third – to hot water and gas, 28.6 percent are not connected to drinking water supply.


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