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Tax authorities communicate with business

Botschaft Usbekistan, January 13, 2016

Yesterday in the capital's "Uzexpocentre" opened a five-day seminar, which is traditionally held by the State Tax Committee at the beginning of each year. The event is dedicated to changes and additions to the tax legislation based on the main directions of tax and budget policy for 2016.

The reforms undertaken in recent years in the field of tax legislation in our country, open up opportunities to improve the business environment and create favorable conditions for business. Experts believe that well built tax system depends on the effective functioning of the entire state machine. Today, the domestic tax system not only provides state financial resources for the implementation of major economic and social problems, but also has long been a reliable support for the entrepreneurship of its further development. At the same time it is also important that the tax authorities are always open for business as much as possible, and themselves become the initiators of meetings in different formats.

The purpose of this workshop - the maximum information to businesses all providing new privileges and preferences. For example, the rates were reduced number of taxes and obligatory payments and extend the benefits granted on the basis of legislation. The rate of single tax payment for micro and small enterprises and the single tax rate for businesses that provide services for customs clearance, have been reduced by one point and make up five percent. Only by reducing the rate of single tax payment available to micro and small enterprises in the current year will remain in the funds of about 59 billion soums.

In 2016, also preserve the order of application of a regressive rate of income tax, single tax payment and property tax for legal entities. Thus, if the share of exports in total sales from 15 percent to 30 percent, the tax rate is reduced by 30 percent, while the share of exports over 30 percent tax rate is reduced by 50 percent.

For the purpose of financial support to entrepreneurial activities before January 1, 2018 it was extended the benefits in the form of exemption from payment of income tax and property tax, single tax payment of micro and small enterprises and mandatory contributions to the Republican Road Fund for enterprises specializing in the production of non-food consumer products. In addition, until January 1, 2018 extended benefits in the form of exemption from property tax for the textile industry.

- Our country carries out significant work to support small businesses, especially in the field of taxation. Our company benefits by not only managed to expand the product range - dozens of household chemicals, but also to upgrade facilities. Now due to this support provided by the State, are actively developing export markets. Has delivered to Bulgaria, are planning to go to other European markets, as well as Southeast Asia, - the founder of the company "Kuchli Kichik Tulpor" Alisher Karimov said.

The changes were made and the tax rate on personal income. So, from January 1, 2016 the second scale of personal income tax was reduced by one point and is set at 7.5 percent. As a result, the disposal of industrial and office workers will be over 235 billion soums. The fixed tax rates for individual entrepreneurs are left unchanged - at the level of 2015. This tax rate is determined based on the minimum wage at the beginning of the year and is not seen again during the year, despite the change in the minimum wage.

Effective tax rate on property of individuals indexed by 15 percent and the basic rate of tax is set at 1.5 percent of inventory value of the property. Located in the town houses and apartments with a total area of ​​over 200 square meters to 500 square meters are taxed at a rate of 1.8, and a total area of ​​over 500 square meters - at a rate of 2.5. For the calculation of the tax on personal property inventory value of property is determined on the basis of cadastral documents, but not less than three thousand soums.

Certain tax breaks in the country concerned and foreign employees of the company. For example, no single social payment is charged to income in the form of wage foreign workers corporations involved in managerial staff.

In order to improve the tax administration law of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 31, 2015, "On amendments and additions to the Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the adoption of the main directions of tax and budget policy for 2016" amended and supplemented in the 39 articles of the Tax Code.

In particular, transfer of payments to individuals notification of payment of the property tax and land tax of individuals with confirmation of transmission of the notification simultaneously is a requirement for the payment of tax.

State tax authorities have the right to appeal to the court to suspend operations on the taxpayer's bank accounts in cases of failure in due time by the taxpayer of tax reporting, justify discrepancies or revised tax reporting on the results of in-house control. Financial sanctions for possession neoprihodovannyh goods since the beginning of the year is set at 20 percent of the neoprihodovannogo goods, instead of 100 percent, that is reduced to five times.

In spite of the large list of benefits and preferences, the tax authorities continue to develop new mechanisms for attracting foreign investment, enterprise support exporters, the creation of import-substituting industries. Confident businessmen themselves say that they can shoulder it because today the tax authorities are staffed by professional, ready to solve the most complex tasks.

At the seminar were invited representatives of other ministries and departments, in addition to the responses received to the questions specialists entrepreneurs on special stands are available with brochures and books, has incorporated innovation in the field of tax policy.


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