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The 8th republican seminar of young literators “School of Mastery” begins

Botschaft Usbekistan, November 25, 2016

n the Writers Union of Uzbekistan, the 8th republican seminar of young literators entitled “School of Mastery” has begun. Writers, poets, literature theorists, representatives of state and public organizations and young literators from all the regions of the country are taking part in the seminar.

At the opening of the seminar, the chairman of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan, M.Ahmedov; a people’s poetess of Uzbekistan, E.Siddiqova; a people’s writer of Uzbekistan, H.Tohtaboyev; and others said that spiritual enlightenment work carried out under the leadership of the country’s First President on developing national literature, deeply studying our great ancestors’ literary heritage and passing it on to the population as well as giving a decent remuneration for creative workers’ labour was an important factor in heightening the people’s morality.

Special attention is being paid to giving comprehensive support for young people entering the world of literature, to identifying their talent and developing “master-apprentice” traditions.

The Writers Union of Uzbekistan is implementing a number of projects in this area. For instance, as part of the “my first book” project, the first collection of works of more than 50 young literators were published. Young literators’ works are discussed in literary clubs and at various seminars.

The “School of Mastery” traditional republican seminar helps to expand this work. Over the past few years, a number of collections including works of more than 100 young authors who had participated in the seminars were published.

The regional stages of this seminar this year were held in a coordinated manner. 25 authors who had worked actively in such areas as prose, poetry, artistic journalism, artistic translation, children’s literature, literary criticism and drama were sel ected. They were recommended for participation in the republican stage.

“I am glad that I have an opportunity to take part in this seminar. Recommendations and valuable advice fr om literary figures and discussion about prospects for the further development of our literature play an important role in raising young literators’ mastery. This good work to bring up the younger generation to be mature in every respect and to develop harmoniously inspire us to be even more active,” says a student of the Urganch state university, Otabek Mengliyev.

As part of the seminar, master-classes will be conducted for young literators, and creative meetings with well-known poets and writers, remembrance evenings and poetry contests will take place.

Works of young talents which were given an accolade will be published by the Ijod foundation as part of the “my first book” project.

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