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The British Council launches Creative Producers programme in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Botschaft Usbekistan, May 17, 2019

The British Council in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan announces the opening of a three-year Creative Producers programme. The programme aims to promote creative producing in Central Asian countries. The pilot cities in 2019 will be Almaty and Tashkent.

The British Council invites creative producers (both art managers and artists) who are just starting their careers but are experienced in arranging projects and can fulfil their projects in Almaty and Tashkent.

The organize is also looking for partners in Central Asia who would like to support our programme in the long term and contribute to developing creative producing.

In 2019, the programme will comprise several stages:

- a trip to Supersonic in Birmingham and Manchester International Festival in Manchester (6 participants from Almaty and 6 participants from Tashkent);

- master classes in Almaty and Tashkent with tutors from the UK (up to 20 participants in Almaty and up to 20 participants in Tashkent);

- finalising projects and submitting grant applications (teams formed from the participants in the master classes);

- project implementation.

The British Council pays for flights, accommodation and transport from the airport to the hotel in the UK, as well as entrance tickets to events at the Supercsonic and Manchester International Festival. The selected participants agree to independently cover the costs of a visa, insurance and meals in the UK, as well as transportation costs in the city during festivals.

The Creative Producers program is international. The working languages used in filling out applications, during a trip to the UK and at master classes are English (with translation), and also Russian as the main language of international communication in the countries of Central Asia.

To participate in the program, interested people must submit an application by providing the following information in English or Russian languages by 24 May 2019.


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