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The Uzbek International Tourism Fair "The World of Leisure" in Tashkent

Botschaft Usbekistan, April 21, 2016

The Uzbek International Tourism Fair "The World of Leisure" was launched in Tashkent.

At the opening of the fair, organized by the National Company "Uzbektourism" and the advertising agency "Buyuk Ipak Yuli" together with the Ministry of Culture and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city administration and United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the chairman of the National Company "Uzbektourism" F.Rizaev and others noted that as a result of the successive reforms carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the sphere of tourism in our country, the domestic and international tourism are expanded, new tourist routes are opened up. Reigning in Uzbekistan peace and stability, the availability of modern infrastructure, high-quality services in hotels and recreation areas serve as an important factor in a wide tourist attraction.

Today, more than 530 tour operators and agencies, and 430 hotels operate in our country. Along with the hotels, which offer services under world famous brands like "Radisson", "Lotte", "Wyndham", "Ramada", the chain of private hotels for small groups and family tourists has been also created in the capital and regions.

The leisure industry is one of the most popular areas in the world. This international fair is a unique project, opening next spring-summer tourist season in Uzbekistan and aimed at attracting foreign tourists to the leisure areas of our country, organizing travel of Uzbeks to the foreign countries, the further development of domestic tourism. The exhibition contributes to the promotion of the domestic and foreign tour operators’ services, the conclusion of corporate contracts, drawing up plans on the eve of the holiday season.

The fair, conducted for the fourth time, was attended by representatives of nearly 200 firms and companies from Uzbekistan, China, Spain, France, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, the Czech Republic and other countries.

At the fair, our compatriots and representatives of large international tourism companies have been acquainted with the exhibits showing the tourism potential of our country, beautiful nature and historical monuments of our Homeland, folk crafts, as well as with the activities of national and regional tourism organizations that provide air transport, hotel, insurance and banking services, tourist routes, different directions of tourism, in particular medical.

At "The World of Leisure" Tourism Fair are presented all modern tourist directions, such as domestic and outbound, scientific and health tourism, tourism administrations and national tourist offices, travel agencies and tour operators, hotels, health resorts, recreation lounges, airlines and carriers, transport and insurance companies, online booking system.

In our country, domestic tourism is being further developed. Every year, many of our compatriots travel around Uzbekistan. The targeted programs, based on the features and capabilities of each region, are implemented, and in accordance with the territorial programs on tourism development - the projects for the restoration of cultural heritage, construction and reconstruction of tourism objects, development of new tourist routes, to improve the activity of tourism organizations are carried out.

The travel agencies and companies from all regions of our country involved in the fair, the territorial branches of the National Company "Uzbektourism", educational and health centers offer their services, theaters and museums are presented.

Within the framework of the fair, an exchange of views with foreign experts on the further attraction of tourists to Uzbekistan will be held, and it will address issues related to the implementation of joint projects, cooperation agreements with foreign tourist companies will be signed.

On the first day of the fair, was held scientific-practical conference “Current state and prospects of development of medical tourism in Uzbekistan”.

Medical tourism involves rest and treatment in sanatoria and health resorts. At the conference, with the participation of domestic and foreign experts, representatives of medical institutions, tourism companies, were discussed issues of further development of medical tourism in Uzbekistan, strengthen of international cooperation in the tourism industry and the services offered in this direction.

Within the fair was also organized the program “Hosted Buyers”, through which executives and managers of the foreign companies were able to get acquainted with the tourist destinations of Uzbekistan, to establish cooperation and conclude mutually beneficial contracts.

In addition, the Festival of National Dishes titled "Taste of the Silk Road" will be held, in which participants will get acquainted with Uzbek cuisine, fruits and vegetables grown in our fertile and generous land. At the stands, dedicated to fish farming, will it be possible to get acquainted with the fishing industry of Uzbekistan. The presentations of tourism firms and companies will also be conducted at the festival.

The Uzbek International Tourism Fair "The World of Leisure" will serve as a familiarization of the world community with a huge tourism potential of our country, the expansion of cooperation with foreign companies, the dissemination of innovations in this field, the further development of tourism.

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