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What is necessary for the development of tourism? Strategy 2030

Botschaft Usbekistan, July 7, 2018

Goscomtourism prepared a draft strategy for the development of tourism in Uzbekistan until 2030. The document is published for public discussion, which will last until July 20.

What are the problems?

The document notes positive and negative tendencies of development of international tourism for Uzbekistan.

So, the development of tourism is hampered by:

• high prices for air transportation, low coverage of potential markets by domestic and international airlines;

• visa policy and registration system;

• poor development of transport, social and engineering infrastructure, inaccessibility, low level of service, underdevelopment of road infrastructure facilities;

• lack of qualified personnel in the sphere, remoteness of educational programs from the demands of the labor market;

• insufficient degree of regulatory regulation of the scope (lack of standards, lack of tax incentives);

• administrative barriers;

• absence of aggressive multi-purpose PR strategy of the country.

The draft notes that it is necessary to reconstruct checkpoints across the state border (aviation, road, rail) and improve the process of crossing the border.

Also, the State Committee for Tourism Development emphasizes that the industry needs state support, and adds that the income from tourism quickly covers its development expenses.

What are the tasks?

The strategy describes a set of tasks:

• formation of an accessible and comfortable tourist environment;

• improving the quality and competitiveness of the tourist product of Uzbekistan in the domestic and world markets;

• realization and strengthening of the social role of tourism, including the development of social, health-improving, children's, juvenile and youth tourism;

• improvement of the management system and statistical accounting in the sphere;

• ensuring the growth of the economy and the quality of life of the population of the regions of Uzbekistan through the development of tourism;

• comprehensive security in the sphere of tourism and sustainable development of tourism services;

• promotion of the tourist product of Uzbekistan.

The developers of the document determined the priority directions of development:

• creation of domestic and inbound tourism;

• promotion of business tourism;

• development of pilgrimage tourism;

• unification of the quality of tourist services, bringing them in line with international standards;

• creation and development of a comfortable information tourist environment, including a system of tourist navigation, signs of orientation, information on tourist resources and regional programs;

• strengthening the role of tourism in educating and developing the cultural and moral potential of the population of the regions of Uzbekistan;

• regional cluster approach to promote the tourist product of Uzbekistan.

What is proposed?

Among the main directions of development: business tourism, development of tourist infrastructure and the formation of an accessible and comfortable tourist environment with the help of clusters. The purpose of creating a tourist cluster is to increase the competitiveness of the territory in the tourist market due to the synergistic effect.

As the main mechanism for implementing the strategy the authors suggest to consider public-private partnership.

It is offered:

• to create a unified system of tourist navigation, tourist information centers,
a bank of information materials;

• to develop transport and road infrastructure: launch tourist buses, equip parking lots, autotourist clusters on key highways of national importance, to build roadside hotels;

• to update railway cars, airplanes on domestic routes, tourist buses, entertainment facilities (attractions, equipment of cultural and recreation parks), funiculars, cable ways, terminals and bus stations;

• to stimulate small and medium-sized business in hospitality (mini-hotels, hostels, guest houses), develop national / foreign hotel chains;

• to identify promising tourist products, in particular, to develop agrotourism and build rural rest homes, conduct excursions and festivals in the border areas for guests from neighboring countries in regions not included in the cluster, as well as in district levels.

It is noted that each tourist cluster should organize the development of non-tourist products.

In general, the developers of the document offer to develop six main products: business tourism, cultural tourism and tours, active and adventure holidays, rest in the mountains and on lakes, gastronomic tourism, beach tourism and short-term rest.

Source: Uzbekitan Today

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