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Women of Uzbekistan lavished with care and attention

Botschaft Usbekistan, December 23, 2016

Honouring women and showing special respect for them are noble qualities characteristic of Uzbek people. As a result of weighty work being carried out in Uzbekistan on raising women’s status in society, they are achieving big successes in all spheres.

Thanks to conditions created in this country in the years of independence, women’s status rose in society. Their socio-political and socio-economic activeness are rising. Realizing their intellectual and spiritual potential, modern women of Uzbekistan are taking an active part in the modernization of the state and society.

This was confirmed by an opinion poll carried out by the Ijtimoiy Fikr public opinion study centre on the theme of “Women of Uzbekistan – 2016: social feelings and public sentiment”. The main aim of this survey was to monitor women’s opinions on the effectiveness of state policy directed towards raising women’s status and role, as well as to study the main social orientations of women of Uzbekistan.

The opinion poll shows that in Uzbekistan, women’s role in the life of society is steadily growing and that they are taking the most active part in processes of state and public administrative development. This is what an absolute majority of the participants in the poll (87.2 per cent) said. This is evidence that in the years of independence the quality of women’s integration into the modern life of the state and society rose.

The monitoring of public opinion discovered women’s high civic and social activeness. An analysis of its results shows that women are participating in all the spheres of the state’s life increasingly actively. An absolute majority of the respondents (89.3 per cent) noted the raised level of women’s participation in the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere, as well as in culture and art (86.5 per cent) and education, health care and social security (81.5 per cent).

A majority of the participants in the poll noted the higher role of women in their families. Results of the opinion poll show that women of Uzbekistan have initiative, that they are enterprising and socially responsible and that they have become active participants in all the reforms being conducted in the country, and that they think of motherhood as the main purpose of their lives. 82.4 per cent of the respondents said that mothers’ role is the most important of social functions. These results are quite natural because precisely through the institution of motherhood comes women’s socialization in society, and this explains a rise in their self-awareness and self-perception.

During the poll, respondents answered a question as to how, in their opinion, women’s role will change in society and the country as a whole. An overwhelming majority of the participants in the poll (70.7 per cent) are sure that women’s status and role in state and public administrative development will only grow in future.

Results of the poll show that the country’s women feel constant social support in the process of implementation of a decree, dated 25 May 2004, of First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov “On additional measures to support the activity of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan”.

Women in Uzbekistan are reliably protected from any violation of their rights and liberties. 94.2 per cent of those polled said that women’s rights were completely ensured in the country in the years of independence. Here the protection of their rights to education, labour, qualified medical aid and measures for their reproductive health and active participation in the socio-political life of the country are especially regarded as being of high value.

The opinion poll brought to light a high level of women’s law awareness. A majority of the participants in the poll are familiar with the content of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and one in every four quite attentively and thoroughly familiarized themselves with the text of the main law. About 40 per cent of those polled follow relevant information on media and read legal literature, trying to further raise their law awareness.

As results of the poll show, women of Uzbekistan understand the importance of employment. They understand that by working and getting paid for their work, they make a contribution to their family’s wellbeing and ensure their higher status bоth in the family and in society. The poll shows a high level of women’s labour mobility. 70.4 per cent of the respondents said that they were ready to learn a new profession if necessary.

Important indicators of women’s socio-psychological condition are their social feeling and sentiment. The dynamic of social sentiment discovered from those women polled is remarkably stable, and satisfaction and tranquillity are predominant.

The social optimism of the participants in the poll, as noted during an analysis of their main life orientations, was evident in answers to the following question: “Do you consider yourself happy?” A majority of those polled answered it in the affirmative.

Moreover, 82.1 per cent of those polled are sure that they can realize their potential and achieve their vital goals. The confidence of the polls’ participants about the existence of the necessary conditions for that shows quite a high level of the social optimism of women in Uzbekistan.

The main factors instilling optimism and belief in a successful and stable future, as the opinion poll shows, for a majority of women are the peaceful situation in the country and the stable political and socio-economic situation in society, calm in their family and the wellbeing of their close relatives and friends, the possibility of engaging in a job that they love, their own success and their children’s successes.

This information by courtesy of the Ijtimoiy Fikr centre

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